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Our DMHS Providers

Meet your new team of mental health advocates.


Kelly Stevens
Owner, Therapist

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My educational and professional background has afforded me the experience of working with a vast array of clientele, and has allowed me to recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability as a therapist. I look forward to helping you find your best self. 

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Jessica Kennedy 
Chief Administration Officer

    As an owner of Discovery Mental Health Services, I am committed to serving the community by providing accessible and quality mental health care for all individuals. I am deeply passionate about DMHS and motivated in providing an amazing patient experience.

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    Tasha Ellsberry

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    I became an NP because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I love to educate and advocate for others. Helping both parent and child understand their health and wellness is very important to me. I look forward to working with you to help you create new pathways to health and happiness. 

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    Michael A.Coulter
    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    My goal as a psychiatric nurse practitioner is to use my knowledge and expertise to help individuals rediscover happier and healthier versions of themselves. I make it a priority to build trusting relationships with patients in order to provide them with accurate diagnoses and effective treatment options. Providing support to all individuals, in all walks of life. 

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    Shanton Roberson

    Individual Therapist


    I am a firm believer in iron sharpening iron. It is beneficial to have a tribe and support system for those seasons in life that seem difficult to master on your own. My goal as a therapist is to provide tools during any season of the life journey, provide support during the healing process, and to assist in the redefine of one's purpose. 

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    YaJaira Hausman

    MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern 

      As a mental health counseling intern I would like to have a space for all individuals to feel supported and empowered. I believe you are the main character, therefore, you will always have an opportunity to steer the conversation in the areas that you feel are most crucial to your journey. 

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      Danelle McCaw

      MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern

       I believe that you are the expert in your own life, and that living wholeheartedly and authentically is imperative to healing and growth. Many times it is pain that motivates change-however, I believe that as we know better, we do better. With this mindset, I will work alongside you in your journey to healing and wholeness.

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      Find Us

      Nestled in north Jacksonville along a quiet stretch of North Main street. Less than five minutes from River City Marketplace shopping and dining.

      13453 Main St N #104

      Jacksonville, FL 32218 USA

      Tel: (904) 773-4390

      Fax: (941) 621-7089


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